How To Tap Into Your Greatness

Do you know who you’re supposed to become but have a hard time transitioning into the person you were destined to become in order to tap into your greatness?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone.

When I was younger there was this burning desire to become much more than I already was. I knew who I wanted to be and what I wanted my life to be like but I was unable to attain it… so I thought.

I knew that I wanted to work for myself. I didn’t like having a boss at all. The downside is that I couldn’t hold a job for very long because I found myself not appreciating the leadership. It is not that I can’t respect a leader, it is just that, being a natural leader myself, there is a tendency to butt heads with certain types of leadership. I’m also analytical and question everything, especially authority.

I needed to find out how to harness the greatness that was inside of me. I set out to do exactly that.

What I found is that, as humans, we tend to build barriers in our mind that hold us back. See, I worked in the cycling industry where I did graphic design and marketing for other brands. I also had a cycling blog called Heavy Pedal and we would design and sell some shirts for the site. While at work for my day job, I saw the import and export of goods being sold. Being the entrepreneur that I am, I wanted to know more about import and export; however, before I even looked into it I told myself that there must be high fees of importing, you must have to attain a license to import, and the cost of that license must be very expensive.

In all honesty, this was true and it was also not true.

It was true because I built the barrier in my mind that made it true. What made it become not true was the moment I decided that I was going to break that barrier (aka, tap into your greatness) in my mind and research all that I could find about importing and exporting. What I found was astonishing. The reality was there are very low fees associated to importing and they are based on a percentage of the cost of goods that you are importing. You do not have to have any licensing to import products. Since there is no license needed to import goods, you can count out the fee of an importing license.

Boom! That is how you tap into your greatness.

I broke a barrier in my mind, silenced my inner critic, and excelled. I can not tell you how great that feeling is when you have a breakthrough. Today, I have grown the company beyond just shirts which includes importing large quantities of goods 4-6 times per year and I am making multiple 6-figures doing it. This is just with one of my companies, Heavy Pedal.

I also currently own and operate a web design and online marketing company called Brand Overture. However, there is a humble beginning to this story as well. My cycling apparel business, Heavy Pedal, once fell on hard times as a competitor with more capital tried to sue us in order to halt our progress. They stopped our momentum slightly but instead of letting it affect the business, I hit the job market. Since I successfully launched Heavy Pedal, I knew how to build websites and market a company.

I sent my resume around the first week we received a Cease and Desist from our competitor. Having done that, I landing a job doing web design and marketing for a refurbished handheld computer company. Here I proved my worth at this company while learning more about marketing. I knew Business-2-Consumer but this was Business-2-Business. Gerting paid to work and learn at the same time is awesome. That was a great feeling and another personal breakthrough. Once Heavy Pedal prevailed from the lawsuit, I decided that I enjoyed doing web design and marketing work which is how I started Brand Overture, my web design and marketing company.

Can you guess who my first client was?

You’re right. I flew the coop at the handheld computer company, but not before lobbying to take them on as a client. The owner, an entrepreneur, respected our decision to part ways. He appreciated the idea that we could continue working together but in a different capacity.

Was it as easy as I make it sound? In short, no.

I became worried about leaving the company and having stability. Worried that they would not let me take them on as a client, and worried if Heavy Pedal was in a position yet to provide me with a salary. I filled myself with worry and doubt. I knew what I needed to do deep down inside and I was afraid to do it. This was my internal critic stopping me from tapping into my greatness. No sooner than the moment that I decided this is what I needed to do, everything fell into place.

If you want to know how to tap into your greatness, you can do so today by thinking of something that you know you need to do deep down inside. Think of something that you build walls for in your mind and decide today that you are going to build a bridge to it. Make the decision today that you are going to follow a desire of yours and take the first step to making it happen. Whether that first step is research, initiative, or action— make it happen. You will tap into your greatness and you will start today!


  • MumZ49 says:

    I’m am so proud of you & the growth you’ve persevered to find.. risky? You bet… but nothing worthwhile in life is attained without risk. Love you T, MumZ

    • Terrence says:

      Thank you MumZ49. It is the risk/reward that will turn over great success as long as we learn from our mistakes. Thank you for chiming in, it is greatly appreciated.

  • Heather says:

    Hi, Terrence!

    I just read your article, How To Tap Into Your Greatness. Wow! This is just what I needed to hear. I just left Apple after nearly 10 years, working from home as a Tier 2 Tech Support (AKA AppleCare Senior Advisor) to find ‘happiness’. I spent at least half my time there feeling pigeon-holed. To say I was ‘unfulfilled’ is a huge understatement. Deep down inside (or maybe not so deep down) I have always had this ache that tells me I am destined for something greater. Maybe everyone feels that way? I don’t know. What I do know is that I can’t bear to ignore it any longer.

    My point in writing is just to thank you. I spend hours a night reading, scouring the internet for knowledge, researching like crazy – only to get excited about an idea and then in one fell swoop kill that same exciting idea with the power of my mind. I have this entrepreneurial spirit that is so humungous, I can feel it attempting to burst my skin at the seams (if I were sewn together with seams). Literally, my desire and drive and willpower to make things happen are all there- but this mind of mine… it gets in the way EVERY TIME. Your article could have described me to a T and it really made me grasp the fact that I sabotage myself with my critical thinking by coming up with all these reasons why something won’t work before I even give it a chance. Analytical thinking is crucial to future success, but it is the enemy of success when it prevents forward movement altogether. Thank you so much for putting this in perspective. I believe it’s exactly what I needed to hear.

    By the way, I live in the Phoenix area too (Queen Creek). If you are ever in need of a good person for your team, I’d love for you to think of me. My desire is to get in the trenches with an entrepreneur, like yourself, and dig deep.

    Thanks again for the breakthrough!

    Warm regards,


    P/S I tried sending this as an email, using the Contact tab, but it keeps saying there’s an error. 🙁

    • Terrence says:

      Heather, I am glad you found the blog and that this post spoke to you. We all have that feeling deep down but so few of us act on it. I am believer that we all can tap into that greatness and soar beyond our wildest dreams. I know that I am already doing so. I will reach out to you in email to discuss further. Thank you for mentioning the contact form issue. It has been resolved. Talk soon.

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