One Simple Way To Beat Frustration

Do you ever find yourself irritated, stuck in traffic, with your frustrations elevating with every slow rotation of the car’s tires? Maybe you woke up late, the car had a flat tire, and you’re late for work?

Look, it happens to us all. It used to happen to me and just take over my days to the point where it was running my life.

Beating frustration is all about mindset.

I once read a great quote that said, “The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude.” Can you agree that this is solid advice? This really becomes the basis of my simple way to beat frustration.

Starting tomorrow, I want you to notice yourself getting frustrated and instantly decide to become fascinated instead. If the guy or gal on the freeway cuts you off, don’t get mad, ride their ass, speed next to them and flip him the bird… Instead, think to yourself, “wow, I wonder where they are in a hurry to get to,” and carry on down the road.  If you are in a rush to get gas but the pump is not taking debit cards, forcing you to go inside to pay for gas, do not get frustrated, instead think to yourself, “maybe this is the universe trying to set me back from an accident.”

You might think this is silly and there will always be naysayers.

However, I promise you that if you can flip the switch from frustrated to fascinated throughout your day you will have happier days and enjoy your life a whole lot more.

If you read this and decide to take it into action and had a good result, please come back and share a comment about how this simple way to beat frustration helped you. I love getting comments from my readers.

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